Beef Rendang


mmmmm hmmmm. This is yummy.  Pictured above over a bed of swiss chard and kale, plus a little avocado.

I miss eating curry.  Often times Thai other Asian restaurants have a lot of garlic in their curries and may use coconut milk that has guar gums or preservatives that are not SIBO friendly. So I made my own.

Click here for original recipe.  Thank you for this awesome recipe.

SIBO Modifications: 

  • No Tamarind pulp
  • Sub honey for sugar (1:1 ratio)
  • Sub 3 bunches of green onion (green part only) for shallots
  • No garlic
  • I used 8 dried chillies and through in some seeds
  • Aroy D Coconut milk or Make your own!

Notes: Because you are using green onion instead of shallot the spice paste is more like a pesto consistency.  When I used the food processor I added a little water to make sure it didn’t get stuck.

Enjoy! And let me know how it comes out!


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